Saturday, June 7, 2008

Maputo: W Magazine, March 2007

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Heather said...

My thoughts on the article:

This article doesn't do Maputo justice. I was at first excited to see Maputo highlighted in W magazine. But I am not comfortable with the image presented in the article. The author seems to have holed up in the Polana and interviewed only the people sitting at the ex-pat bar; the ones who still say LM and talk about how beautiful it used to be.

Used to be. Maputo is not LM anymore; it is a new city. It is an amazing city, with an energy other cities only wish they had. So why compare it with Miami or Lisbon? Neither of those cities are African, so the comparisons insult Mozambicans, insult the people who are aware that they live on the continent and DON'T wish they were in Europe instead.
The author seemed to wish he were in Out of Africa. Why would anyone want that now?