Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"I Love You" by Rogerio Manjate

This 3 minute film won the Africa in Motion Film Competition. They took it off YouTube for some reason, which is too bad, because it is essentially a PSA, in addition to being art. It should be shown all over Africa, for free. Watch it here. .
Here's a summary of the story:

You see a young boy watching a beautiful young woman as she is getting dressed for work. It becomes clear from her clothes that she is a sex-worker. The little boy carries her high-heeled shoes for her and helps her walk through the muddy streets of their bairro. As he sets them down for her to step into, you see him place something in one of the shoes. It appears to be a note, a love letter perhaps? She crosses the street and then notices something in the shoe. She takes it out and holds it up. It's a condom, it says "I Love You" in English. She smiles and waves at the boy. The boy could be her little brother, or just a neighborhood kid who keeps her company. Either way the message is clear, he loves her and he wants her to protect herself.

It is amazing how much can be told without words. The lack of dialogue actually makes the film stronger, more universal. It could be shown all over Africa. As long as people know "I Love You" means Eu te amo or J'taime or Ninakupenda, they will understand.

I think the story takes place in Maputo, but I'm not entirely sure. Manjate is from Mozambique.


Nyabetse, Tatinguwaku said...


I was curious to see the film, but the link took me to some other videos. :(

I will check and try to find it later. Cheers :)

Heather said...

Encontrei o video outra vez, mas nao posso embed, aqui esta o link:;d=1

Heather Leila said...

They keep taking the video offline!! Here I found it again: