Thursday, November 20, 2008

Losing the innocence, but not the privilege

I found these on Sociological Images, which is a very cool blog by the way. It isn't really necessary for me to talk much about the problem with the ads; far fewer people read my blogs than Socio.Images anyway. But it deserved a posting anyway. It proves again that Africa is so distorted in the minds of Westerners(this time a French ad agency), there are many people who wouldn't see what's wrong with the ad even if it were told to them. The skulls and bones are of popular children's cartoon characters. Click on the ads to enlarge.

But who are the real cartoons here? While Hello Kitty is brought into real life by her death, the African and Indian servants in the backround couldn't be less real had they been drawn with magic markers. When will we finally understand colonialism wasn't romantic or sexy or rebellious? Why would participating in the old system make teens look rebellious? And what's with snotty teens wielding guns anyway?

Friday, November 14, 2008

ESHTI Photography Club

A friend of mine, who still works in Mozambique, has a photography club with her students. Here is my favorite photo, by Vilma:

Quatro obras de Deus a serem conservadas

You can see all the students' work at ESHTI Photography Club. Please leave comments for the students.