Sunday, March 15, 2009

Women are Heroes

In Brazil

In Sierra Leone

In Kenya
Women are Heroes

This art project is amazing. The artist, who on the website seems to be called only JR, has taken portraits of women and then blown them up and posted them around the communities the women live in. Mostly walls, but also stairs, trains, buses. This is one of the few art projects I've seen that is about the people of the developing world and also for them. Please look at the website, these are only a few of the many photographs. Some of the most interesting are of the crowds staring back at the portraits. I really would like to know the reaction of these communities to the portraits, which really dominate the landscape. I wonder if the portraits covering the roofs in Kenya are waterproof and protect the houses as well as decorate them. It would be interesting if the portraits served practical functions as well as artistic ones. Somehow this impressed me far more than the Prospect 1 exhibit here in New Orleans. I found this to be far more innovative and accessible.