Friday, May 21, 2010

Imagining Mozambique

Artist: Federico Galvani

Artist: Catalina Estrada

From the website/art project
Imagining Mozambique:

"Colonization, civil war, natural disaster and economic instability have plagued Mozambique over the last 25 years, which has led to widespread uncertainty for tomorrow’s youth. What will the Mozambican children of today create to change their destiny? What will the peace and prosperity look like in their 21st century? Will the future be bright? Or will the cycle of despair continue?

Imagining Mozambique is a gathering of internationally renowned artists who have created thought-provoking art inspired by the Mozambican children and bring attention to their day-to-day plight for survival and change. The collection is comprised of a photographic exhibition inspired by the Mozambican children and artists from the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, photography and painting."

From the site I really liked the two images above. Some of the other pieces have a weaker connection to the theme. It seems apparent that some of the artists really were just imagining Mozambique and not working from research or experience.

Some of the pieces remind me of Bob Dylan's song "Mozambique" in which he just lists things that rhyme with the country's name that may or may not have anything to do with the actual place or people living there.

It's an interesting concept, having a group of artists "imagine" a place that is very real. But it's for charity, so what can we say? What do you think of the images? Are they what you see when you imagine Mozambique?