Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Violence in Maputo: Mozambique Police Fire at Crowds Protesting Prices

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MAPUTO, Mozambique (AP) -- Young men angry over the rising cost of food, fuel and water rampaged through Mozambique's capital Wednesday, throwing stones, looting shops and drawing police fire that killed at least seven people.

Rising prices around the world have raised concerns about a return to the political instability of 2008, when Haiti, Kenya and Somalia were among impoverished countries that saw rioting over the cost of living.

Egypt, where rioting also broke out in 2008, has in recent months seen protests over rising food prices. The U.N. said Wednesday that international food prices have risen to their highest in two years.

Mozambican police had declared Wednesday's marches illegal, saying no group sought permission for them. For days, word of the protests had been spread, in some cases by cell phone message, in this former Portuguese colony in southeast Africa.

Thousands of people, mostly young men, turned out.

''This strike is about the hike in prices. More than that, it's about injustice,'' said one protester, 34-year-old Albino Mkwate.

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