Saturday, December 4, 2010

Linguistic Map of Mozambique

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Something most Americans miss about Africa is that within every country there is an official language and then there are many, many African languages. Most Africans speak more than one language. If they have been to school, they are likely to speak the official language in addition to their maternal language.

In most African countries, the official language is a European language - English, French or Portuguese, although some countries use an African language as an official language too - as Tanzania uses Swahili.

Mozambique uses Portuguese as it's official language. Portuguese is used in education and business. But almost every Mozambican also speaks their maternal language, the language they speak at home, with their families.

In this map you can see the great linguistic diversity of Mozambique.

See also Linguistic Map of Angola.


ARG said...

I LOVE this map! (I remember having one in the back of my official hardbound MINED agenda.) Awesome. Thanks for this post!

Heather said...

Yes! Exactly, I just scanned the one from my agenda. It's a great map.

Juanito941 said...

This is such great map! I'm doing a project on Mozambique and I would like to use it but I need to cite it. Could you give me the source of the picture please??

Juanito941 said...

I really like this picture! Im doing a project on Mozambique and I was wondering what the source of the picture is. Do you still know it by any chance?

Heather Leila said...

Hi Juanito! If you can enlarge the image, you can see in the lower left hand corner the citation. The page was ripped out of my 2004 agenda book given to me by the Ministry of Education in Mozambique. The full citation should be: MACAIRE, Pierre. L'heritage makhuwa au Mozambique. Paris: Editions L'haramattan. 1996. I can only assume Macaire is a French anthropologist who wrote this book on the Macua of Mozambique. Good luck with your work!