Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colonial Map of Angola

During our trip to Huambo, this mural caught my eye. You can tell right away that this map is old, as it calls Zambia «Rhodesia» and the DRC «Belgian Congo». During the colonial era, many cities in Angola had different names than they have now. For example, Huambo was originally named «Nova Lisboa». Sorry that many of the names on the map are difficult to see. Click on the images to enlarge.


Kleoniki said...

Dear blogger,

I am a researcher on Portuguese Africa and I am writing now an article on colonial railways. Could you please let me know where did you find this map, in case I want to use it in a presentation? I am obliged to note down the source.

Best regards,
Kleoniki Alexopoulou

Heather Leila said...

Hi Kleoniki, I took the photo of the map at a gas station in Huambo City in 2011. But unfortunately I don't know the name of the station or the street. But it's such an interesting map, isn't it? Do you know anyone in Huambo? Maybe someone would recognize it and could tell you where it is exactly. If you don't have any contacts there, maybe I could try to figure it out through mine. What is your presentation on? You have my permission to use the photo in your presentation, just please credit me as the photographer. I'd love see your presentation as Luso Africa is my area as well! Obrigada!