Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rumo ao Huambo

This weekend, Tyree and I took a trip to Huambo Province. (I have included this map so you can see where we went.) We went there so that I could meet the field coordinators for the polio project. It was our first trip outside of Luanda, so just the drive was exciting. Sérgio, from the office, took us. It took around seven and a half hours to get there, and the road was paved the entire way. Angola is a beautiful country. Being from Florida, where there are no mountains, I was especially excited by the green hills and rocky mountain landscape. In the next post I´ll include pictures of Huambo City, but the road trip deserved its own post.

The Kwanza River

We blew a tire along the way, but it wasn´t too much of a problem. Sérgio was able to fix it in twenty minutes. And this nice family stopped to make sure we were ok and to help us alert oncoming traffic.

We took advantage of the stop to take pictures. All of the other pictures are from the moving car, which is why there are more pictures of mountains than of people. Mountains are easier to capture going 60 miles an hour.

Note: I never, ever would have worn shorts like this in Mozambique, at least not in Nampula. But Angolan fashion seems less conservative, and even passing small villages along the way I saw women in shorts and tank tops. Perhaps it´s the Islamic influence in Northern Mozambique, but I wouldn´t have been able to get away with shorts there.

The town of Waco Kungo, where we stopped for lunch.

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Carly said...

Thanks for the pictures! It looks gorgeous. I like your note on wearing shorts :-) Those mountains kinda remind me of those in Nampula. What were they called again?

How many days were you guys there? Can't wait to hear more!