Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kuando Kubango: Cheias

These pictures were taken in Kuando Kubango province, on the Kavango River which forms a natural border between Angola and Namibia. If you look to the right of the post, you can see I have added a map of Angola to the blog so that you can see where Kuando Kubango is. I have not been to Kuando Kubango yet, but we have a polio project there. Our coordinator, Daniel Miguel, seen above, gave me permission to post these pictures that he took for the health program.

The area has been experiencing heavy rains and flooding. It has been in the news, but most reports are about the Namibian side, on the western end of the border.
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Floods are public health hazards and can exacerbate existing problems as well as create new ones. The major concerns for the flooded areas are diarrheal disease from drinking contaminated water and malaria. Standing water left behind by the floods can be optimal breeding ground for the anopheles mosquito - the one that carries the malaria parasite.

In this area of Kuando Kubango, the usual sites for fetching water have been flooded and people are having to pay someone to take them out into the river to find cleaner water. See the pictures below:

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