Sunday, April 17, 2011

Parque dos Pinguins

On Sundays Tyree and I always eat at Al Dar, a Lebanese restaurant. We do this every Sunday because the power is usually out for a few hours on Sundays so it is good to get out of the house and because it is the only restaurant we have found that is consistently open on Sundays. It is about a twenty minute walk from our apartment to the restaurant, situated near the Igreja Sagrada Família.

Igreja Sagrada Família

So, every Sunday on our long, hot walk to the restaurant, we pass this park. Finally I took some pictures. I don´t know the name or much about it. Obviously what makes it special are the penguins. It´s so funny to see penguins in Luanda, even if they are just statues, when it is so hot out! That´s not to say there are no penguins in Africa. Perhaps the park is a tribute to the real penguins to be found in South Africa, near Cape Town.

The park sits on a steep hill and before all the high rise apartment buildings were built, there would have been a dramatic view of the Atlantic Ocean. There also used to be a fountain that flowed down the hill, but it doesn´t work anymore and is now full of trash.

Still, the penguins always make me smile.

A love poem.

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