Sunday, April 3, 2011

Uíge: Scenes from the Road

Uíge in the morning.

In Quitexe, a municipality in Uíge province.
This waterfall was difficult to photographed because it went under the road. You can see below where it came out, but it was difficult to capture how far the drop really was. It would have been beautiful to see it from down there, looking up.

Grilled snake and monkey parts.

A little girl playing with a monkey tail.

Cabra do Mato: Wild Goat. Again, sorry for all the dead animal pictures. But, until I have a vacation and go to a game park, this might be the only way to see wild animals in Angola.

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Amaly said...

Definitely crazy pics this time around Heather! I always forget that people actually eat monkeys. :(