Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Guest Blogger: Tyree aka Real Househusband of Luanda

is a sauce made with these tiny little peppers. It is HOT. I've never had anything like it. I liked it so much that I wanted to make some for myself.

I know from experience not to chop up hot peppers with bare hands. I put these in the blender after twisting the stems off. Still, they burned a hole in my finger.

They filled the kitchen with a cloud of hot pepper gas. I had to wrap a wet towel around my face to get in there and make the sauce.

I'm pouring some nice olive oil into a jar with the chopped up peppers. That's all you really have to do. Once the hotness infuses into the oil you just have to put a few drops on your food and it will be as hot as you can stand.

Here's the finished product. Maybe we'll get fancier next time and put in some garlic, or lemon, or something.

And here it is with some amazing vegetable samosas Heather made and a curry of squash, green beans, and cashew nuts.

Bon appetit!

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