Friday, June 24, 2011

Lubango: A Cidade Velha

Guest Photographer: Akisha Pearman

My friend and fellow RPCV from Mozambique took these amazing pictures in Lubango, Huíla province, where she is an English Fellow, teaching Angolan English teachers how to be awesome. I was excited when she first posted these pictures because I can see she is also interested in these old buildings scattered across Angola, and Mozambique. They demand that you think of the past. She printed vintage pictures of her city and contrasted them with the present day. These buildings and parks seem better taken care of than the ones here in Luanda. Just look at my post on Penguin Park. I hope I get to visit her in Lubango sometime soon!

Arco Iris Theatre in the 1970´s

A Primary School

The old Liceu Diogo Cão, now called the Escola Secundária de Mandume

Parque da Senhora do Montes

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m-dawg said...

I love these photos! It's so neat to see them superimposed like that! kudos ;-)