Saturday, June 25, 2011

Palanca Supermarket

Below an apartment building for the employees of a French oil company, there is a small supermarket. The prices at this store support Luanda´s reputation as the most expensive city in the world. But be sure to look at the previous post about Supermercado Martal, which is just one block away, which proves that people only pay these prices if they are unwilling to shop with the rest of the public.

It´s true that there are a few things available at this store (where most products have been imported from France or South Africa) that are not available elsewhere. I have found very good yeast here and if I wanted to pay for it, the meat and cheese are very good quality. But I don´t want to pay these prices. We´ve only been here twice and the second time was just to take pictures so that people would believe us when we said a package of 8 Old El Paso tortillas and a spice pack really do cost 45.50 USD. See below, all prices are quoted in USD.

Of course, there is a large and varied wine and alcohol selection. The prices in this are weren´t so bad. But just wait...

Brazilian Coffee: $25.30

U.S. Tea: $13.90 for 28 bags

French Flour: $12.15

Portuguese Olive Oil: $13.90

Special K Cereal: $30.10

Old El Paso Burrito Kit for 8: $45.50

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Carly said...

Wow! This is ridiculous... why would people pay these prices?! Let me know if you want me to mail you a burrito kit ;-) I think the cost of shipping plus the cost of the kit would be cheaper than paying for it from this store.