Saturday, June 25, 2011

Supermercado Martal

When we were home a few weeks ago, many people wanted to know what we eat and they wanted to know where we bought our food. We usually cook for ourselves, and we eat out maybe one to three times a week. We do most of our shopping at Martal, which is about a ten minute walk from our house.

As Luanda is often called the most expensive city in the world, I thought it would be interesting to show you the prices we pay at Martal. They are shockingly normal. The only thing outrageous I saw was the price of the strawberries. This post will be contrasted with a future post on another supermarket which does live up to Luanda´s reputation. Stay tuned.

The national currency here is the kwanza. Right now the official exchange rate is about 95 kwanzas to one dollar, but if you change your money with the ladies on the street (which everyone does) you can get 100 kwanzas per dollar. 200 kwanzas is about 2 dollars. So, when you look at the prices of the items I am showing, just divide by 100 to get the price in dollars.

*The quality of the photos is a little fuzzy because I was really discreet while taking the pictures. We shop here all the time, so I didn´t want to annoy the owners.

Normally, there are more ladies selling produce in front of the store. Their prices are higher than inside the store, but they often have better quality and more variety.

The chocolate selection is good this week. But tend to stock up in the times of plenty, because there can be weeks without a new shipment.

Angolan Coffee: 375.40 kwanzas

Angolan Milk: 189 kwanzas

Flour: 189 kwanzas

Portuguese Olive Oil: 584 kwanzas

Argentinian Wine: 759 kwanzas

Strawerries: 998 kwanzas
(So, a small box of strawberries costs more than a bottle of imported wine!)

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m-dawg said...

Wow, I can't believe these prices! I thought $5.60 was too much for Special K!! Luanda makes New York looks affordable! crazy.