Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Luanda: Postcards

Tyree and I found these postcards at an old bookstore on Avenida Salvador Allende. They looked like they had been there for a very long time. They are the only postcards for Angola we have seen so far - besides a few very expensive ones at the airport.

Fauna de Angola - Leão
Edição JOMAR C.P. 2213 - Luanda

This is a view of the Marginal at night. This is the most famous image of Luanda and from far away, it still looks much like this at night time. But now there are more skyscrapers and some of the older buildings need renovation. The Portuguese left in 1975. It´s possible these postcards have been in that very same spot since then, like little time capsules, collecting dust.

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Carly said...

This is great! I love little bits and pieces of history like this.