Saturday, September 10, 2011

Durban: Moses Mabhida Stadium

Moses Mabhida Stadium is a new landmark on Durban´s skyline. It was first used during the World Cup in 2010. The stadium is worth a visit, even when there isn´t a game going on. There is a platform for bungee jumping (which we did not do). And there is a cable car that runs along the arch to a viewing platform, where you can see the entire city. Moses Mabhida was an important figure in the ANC, the anti-apartheid movement and party.

The architecture of Durban is interesting. While it would be easy to compare Durban to other beach-cities like Miami or Rio de Janeiro, some of the buildings are brown brick, more like what you might find in Brooklyn. Some of the hotels had more of a tropical-kitch style, which speaks to Durban´s role as a holiday destination for South Africans. The above scene reminded me of old pictures of Las Vegas.

Fun World is a beach-front amusement area. We took the ski-lift ride for the view.

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