Saturday, September 10, 2011

Durban: Victoria Street Market and Street Scenes

The Victoria Street Market is a large, indoor bazaar built in the 1870´s, where you can find spices, bead work, both African and Indian fabrics and jewelry. Durban has the largest Indian community outside of Asia.

Look closely at the spice names.

This might be the place to mention how well we ate in Durban. If I look a little more "healthy" than usual in these photos, it is because I happily ate all the curry, prawns and steak that I could. And, in the strange way that African economies work, while the food in Durban was better quality and more delicious than in Luanda, it was much, much less expensive. Which is to say, food was a BIG part of our trip.

Street scene from inside the market.

Some boys enjoying very old arcade games.

School girls.

A minibus seeks riders.

Tyree is just shocked by all the crazy tabloid headlines around the city.

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Carly said...

What's funny is that I was just going to comment on how happy and healthy you looked in that one photo of you and Tyree - and then shortly after that, you say exactly that same thing :-) Durban looks amazing, and food sounds wonderful too... hmmm... if you're going back at some point, maybe we can coordinate ;-) Still seems so crazy to me that Luanda is that expensive. I can't remember, but did you ever find out why that was exactly?