Saturday, September 10, 2011


The last week in August Tyree and I took a trip to Durban, South Africa. I had to go for a training for work, but we were able to have at least one full free day to enjoy this beautiful city. Durban sits right on the Indian Ocean and every day you see surfers, families, vendors and tourists along the wide beach.

This was our hotel, the Bel Aire Suites. My training was held here too. I highly recommend it to anyone - the staff was very friendly, the food was great and every room has a view of the ocean.

The design on the outside of the hotel resembles the patterns you see in Zulu bead work.

Our last day in Durban we went on a whale tour. We saw several humpback whales. I didn´t get any pictures of the whales because I was too busy watching them, and we were getting soaking wet and my camera probably would have died. The whales were shy; the guide told us that when they have calves with them they tend to get overprotective and swim away from boats. He made an effort not to agitate them by chase them. South Africa has laws about the distance and amount of time that can be spent interacting with the whales in order to protect them. But we still saw quite a few tails and spouts of water. It was great.

Our boat. The waves were really high that day, and the wind was cold. It felt a lot like riding a roller coaster through the water.

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