Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miss Angola wins Miss Universe 2011!

Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, has won the Miss Universe 2011 title. She is the first African winner in the pagent´s history. Miss Lopes is a native of Benguela, a city to the south of Luanda. While I´m not a huge fan of beauty contests, I was really excited for Angola. Her face is already on a huge poster outside the National AIDS Institute. As Miss Universe, she will be required to continue her work in HIV awareness.

I was also excited because Leila is my xará. Xará is Portuguese for "someone with whom you share a name."

Not everyone is happy. Miss France expressed some bitterness, complaining she doesn´t wear enough make-up, usually wears jeans and tried to imply that somehow being in Brazil helped her win (although if there was some sort of bias, wouldn´t Miss Brazil have won instead?) To me, it just sounds like she´s a little more down to earth than some of her competitors.

Parabéns Leila, Parabéns Angola!

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