Monday, September 12, 2011

Ramadaan Mubarak

Nando´s is a popular Mozambican/Portuguese-style chicken chain in South Africa. I saw this advertising campaign at the airport in Johannesburg in August and found it really beautiful.

Ramadaan ended August 30th this year.

Update: The images are now up at Creative Roots, thanks to my recommendation! Creative Roots is a really great design blog that collects advertising and images from all over the world.


Carly said...

Did you know that there are two Nando's in DC now? Not the same as the one in Joburg probably... but they are still really good! I wonder if they did something similar. I haven't been in awhile so I'm not sure if they did or did not. But it's very cool that they got involved in their own way.

Heather Leila said...

I would imagine Nando's in the US did not have a Ramadaan campaign. Did you hear about the problems Whole Foods got into for having a Ramadaan menu in one store? That's kind of why I posted these, they present Ramadaan just like any other religious holiday.