Sunday, October 23, 2011

Huíla: Images of Lubango

Lubango surrounded by picturesque mountains. If you look very carefully at the top of the mountain in this photo, you can see the Cristo Rei, a very large statue of Christ, with his arms spread out over the city. It is very much like the statue in Rio de Janeiro, though a little smaller. At night time they light up the Christ with a spotlight so you can see it from the valley, even in the dark.

Akisha in front of the school where she teaches.

Fresh Yogurt!

O Pensador, this sculpture is an iconic Angolan image of a man deep in thought. We saw this life sized Pensador at a wood carving work shop in Lubango.

We visited the cultural museum. I couldn´t take any pictures inside, but I could in the yard. These are some old sculptures left over from the colonial period. I don´t know who the men were. I suppose they used to be famous, but have now been forgotten about.

Old mail boxes in Akisha´s apartment building.

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