Saturday, January 14, 2012

Huíla Biophilia

Here are the last of our pictures from our trip to Huíla province in October. Our friend Akisha took us to a local agricultural school for a picnic. This was a really beautiful day for us. Luanda is a huge city but, unlike New York, it has no Central Park where you can go escape things for a little while. Parks in Luanda tend to be littered with trash, have little shade and are a fairly unappealing way to get time outdoors. To get out of the city you have to fight against hours of traffic. I kind of envied Akisha for having a place like this just an hour outside of her town.

Biophilia is a theory proposed by E.O. Wilson that humans have an "innate affinity for nature" that is even "ingrained in our genotype." I was definitely feeling the love on this day. I hadn´t realized how much I was missing being outdoors, laying in the sun, breathing fresh air, not hearing traffic accidents and sirens at all hours until I laid down on the picnic blanket under some eucalyptus trees and took a nap.

Student carved their names on the steps of the school entrance.

Portuguese Azulejo

An old church on the school grounds.

Fragrant eucalyptus trees.

We also visited an old Afrikaans cemetery. Afrikaaners are the descendants of Dutch colonists from South Africa. They migrated all over southern Africa up until the 1900´s. I hadn´t known they made it as far an Angola.

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Amaly said...

Beautiful pictures Heather & Tyree! I especially think the one of Heather in b/w in front of the house is lovely. And- I can completely empathise with you about biophilia- even though London has loads of parks, you are still always surrounded by people and buildings and craziness.

Renee said...

i find afrikaans so interesting in that they have their own language, etc. and i didn't know that they migrated out of south africa. super interesting.