Friday, February 3, 2012

Images from Uíge

I think I´ve been to Uíge around ten times now - but this was by far the best trip! Tyree got to come, as did a co-worker who happens to be especially cool. We took a trip into the market because my co-worker had to buy some gitsombe for a relative from Uíge. Apparently, it´s a real treat.

Bananas and Safú


What a fun place to take a nap.

One of four accidents we saw on the way up. There are lots of curves on the road to Uíge, and a lot of drivers who dont understand the laws of physics mean the taller your load, the more you should slow down around the bend. Look at all those bottles of beer.


Amaly said...

Gitsombe look like huge grubs or beetles of some kind...???

Heather Leila said...

Exactly Amaly! Gitsombe are grubs...and they are sold alive and squirming! We had them in the car the whole way back to Luanda.

Renee said...

i am terrified a wreck like this will happen on my bus to managua. so true! physics!

Renee said...

oh yeah, i forgot to say, grubs! so gross. how are they cooked? and what kind of fruit is safu?