Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zambia: The Zambezi River

After Lindsey and I saw the falls, we spent some time on the Zambezi River, but way upriver, not so close to the falls that we could have fallen over!

We took a sunset cruise on the Lady Livingstone.

A wedding party at the Livingstone Lodge.

The Zambezi Yacht Club

A hippo

The pool at the Livingstone Lodge. (This is not where we stayed)

An elephant-shaped lamp in our room at the hostel 

The next day we took a canoe trip on the Zambezi. We thought we would just ride in the same boat together, but then we saw how wide the river is and how fast the current, and then the guide started talking about hippos and crocodiles and we agreed to each ride in a canoe with a guide.


A baboon on the bank of the river

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